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Barack, It’s a Rout!

In Obamarama on 04/11/2009 at 05:55

The President and his staff are drinking doubles at the White House tonight. The people sent a message. Obama campaigned heavily in both Virginia and New Jersey for the Democrat candidates, and the electorate didn’t say no, but hell no.

Without question the latter of those two races is a blistering slap in the face for the chief exec who made five stops in the state for archliberal Jon Corzine.

The Huffington Post headline tonight reads: “It’s The Economy (Not Obama), Stupid.” Oh, really?

Tonight, I believe, was a harbinger of Obama’s next three years. In the coming days pundits and party strategists will put a low-keyed spin on the outcome, but when they turn off the nightlights the reality will play out like a grotesque shadow on their ceilings.

They lost and they lost big time.

I blame conservative candidate Doug Hoffman’s defeat in the New York 23rd District congressional race on Newt Gingrich. Not that he could’ve pulled it out for Hoffman, he probably couldn’t have. But his endorsement of ultraliberal Republican Dede Scozzafava is also a harbinger of things to come. A message to party leadership to get on the right page or lose their base. Palin and Pataki were right and now Newt has some “splaining” to do.

Leadership in both parties have sorely misread the American people. The Democrats misunderstood our desire for change. We did want better performance from our leaders, but not a complete scrapping of our system of government.

The Republicans are nearly as bad. They have played into the progressive agenda of our opposition every step of the way. America has never wanted health care reform, we want lower insurance rates! Nothing else. Nada. Zip.

Yet every time we hear Lindsey Graham or John McCain or Mitch McConnell or Chuck Grassley step to the microphones they’re aping Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi. “We do need change,” they say, “just not this change.”

No, gentlemen, we do not need change.

Obama and congress alike have grossly underestimated the Tea Party Movement. The people are angry about far more than health care reform. They are furious with politicians in general who go to Washington and undergo Jekyll-Hyde transformations. They are angry at impulse buying and big spending and high living from people who in the end are but public servants. They are angry at the arrogance.

Newt Gingrich showed misjudgment in the New York race that frankly astounded me when I took the trouble to do five minute’s research. I love the guy, but he has mud on his face. It will wash off, but I suggest he wear it for a while before washing up. Use it as a reminder when he wakes in the morning. Get with the program, Mr. Speaker. You’re behaving more like the envoy of America’s problems than her solutions.

Tonight was a rout for Obama and the liberals in congress and it sends a clear message: Don’t mess with our liberty. We will fight for it.

  1. I am tired of the same Politicians-I am tired of Politicians
    We need a younger energetic
    person with vision-a strong one.
    McCain was too afraid to attacked Obama he didn’t want to mention his Liberal friends..he was too weak. We sent him emails..he ignored them.He sounded to me like a person who was scare.I saw defeat in him too early.
    I do not know if Sarah Palin is President material
    But I like to see her prepared for a post.It is a good sign that the Liberals are so afraid of her.No ones have been more attacked then her. The problem here is that the one running should have money behind..a lot of it.. Didn’t he buy the White house?

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