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Does the Buck Stop Here?

In Bowling for Dollars on 03/11/2009 at 19:21


You know, ten years ago I couldn’t do that—read and write Japanese. The sentence above reads: “Does the Buck Stop Here?” Er … maybe it says “Yen.”

We met a woman from Japan a few years ago, and when she returned home she kept in touch by email. I always wished that I could read and write Japanese because the English in her emails was broken and hard to understand.

I don’t have that problem anymore. Now I read and write Japanese fluently … and Spanish and French and Chinese and Italian …

My laptop has a feature that allows me to translate just about anything written in another language and respond back. The syntax is not quite right sometimes, but I can usually figure it out. Isn’t that fantastic? For the first time since the fall of Babel, through the wonders of modern technology, we essentially have one world language. Computerese.

The world is getting smaller every day and I have to admit, though I love living in this technological society it’s also a bit disconcerting. In September the U.N. called for a global-type Federal Reserve to complement our new Computerese.

Let me get this straight right off the top. I don’t know Barack Obama’s position on one world currency, but have to wonder; if the President is so willing to sign away American sovereignty at the U.N. Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen, how far fetched can it be for him to jump aboard the “dump the dollar” float in the international parade to a global “super-currency.”

In any event the idea certainly didn’t originate with Obama.

During the last year of the George W. Bush administration, British Prime Minister Gordon Brown led the call for centrally controlled financial regulation or “a new global financial order.” However, I doubt W was too surprised; Daddy Bush has always been a globalist.

I assume that most people, like me until recently, have no idea that worldwide petroleum is traded on the U.S. dollar alone. It is the currency that heats the homes and runs factories in Belfast and Moscow the same as it does in Des Moines. So it isn’t such a stretch to believe that big stakes are in play here, which wouldn’t be so alarming, if our government wasn’t right in the middle of it. I feel like getting out FDR’s old “The Hand the Dagger” speech here.

A few months ago the British newspaper the Telegraph reported that the UN Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) has said that the current system by which the world’s economy is controlled is not working. Last month an analyst at Bloomberg announced that a new tri-global currency is in development by the U.S., Asia, and Europe to replace it.

Interesting. I don’t recall anyone asking me. Oh, that’s right, it’s none of my business. The Fed and the WMF and … wait a minute. Doesn’t the Treasury secretary work for me? Isn’t the Fed regulated by congress? Don’t our congressmen get a vote?

Dang! Someone should have asked me!

I am a conservative because I believe prosperity is a good thing, because I believe people should have the right to smoke, and eat too many Big Macs; because I respect authority but don’t want too much of it; I am a conservative because conservatism established the greatest Democratic Republic in the history of the world—the United States of America. That being said, conservatism does have one Achilles heel. Greed.

When Wall Street found a sure-fire way to make trillions of dollars packaging mortgages and selling them off to the highest bidders on the world market—to our worst enemies—they sold out America. And they set the dollar up for inevitable failure. That is exactly what happened in last year’s banking crisis, and some of them—not all but some—knew it eventually had to happen. Bush was asleep at the switch and we all know by now that Obama ain’t a great fan of capitalism.

Who in the world gave these guys the right to autonomously mess with our dollar?

Well, we did. Every American who has found him or herself too busy to get out and vote on Election Day; every citizen who thought, “that will never happen” when someone told them that NAFTA would effectively erase our international boundaries; and anyone who thinks an American president can’t irreversibly change our destiny with a half dozen strokes of his pen.

Now we learn that Russia and China are dumping U.S. dollars onto the world market like fast food trash in a dumpster. The result is inevitable: cardiac arrest for an over-fed, over bled economy—devaluation of the dollar. And the logical antidote for our sick currency will ultimately be a newer, more stable currency.

Believe me, the plates are already being engraved. This is a done deal.

Where does all this lead? It leads exactly where George Herbert Walker Bush said it would lead two decades ago; it leads right where Barack Obama said it would lead last November. It leads to a “fundamentally” changed America. To a frightening New World Order.

My greatest fear is that many somnolent Americans will awaken to this nightmare too late. Freaking Rome is burning!

And, if we don’t write and call our congressmen and senators, if we don’t get out to the polls every time they are open, if we don’t act now, then very shortly the buck will stop.

Right here in America.

  1. Yen, Buck, Rupee or just plain cash. World currency is BIG business.

    He who has the gold, makes the rules, controls the world. But as “they” know gold is too cumbersome. A New World Currency for a New World Order.

  2. It is not only that they were asleep I believe they don’t know better. and they don’t want to know..
    I wrote so many emails..I made many calls very few are interested in what is going on, they never ask questions..and they never give an opinion.Are they also too lazy? It seems like they say..do the work for me. I am amazed how people believe in what they hear from the Media..
    those stupid magazines
    Many are more interested in those stupidities on TV..
    who divorced in Hollywood
    who is the new actor’s boyfriend or girlfriend.They don’t try to be informed. instead
    they read those magazines where 90% is not true.
    It is why..he is in the White House.
    W. Bush and McCain knew what was going on
    on Wall Street they did speak about it..nothing was done and Mr Bush was very busy with the war.Maybe we need 2 Presidents? one for Foreign affairs and one for domestic….

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