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In Weekly Rant on 01/11/2009 at 19:39

Well, it’s been a good month. We posted some good pieces on the Obama Administration, the Rush Limbaugh NFL rip off, and Nightmare in Stilettos received a great response. I appreciate so much the great posts from all of you.

I have received a couple of negative emails to the blog in general, and I have two things to say to the respondents who think Obama is the cure-all end-all to their problems:

1) Be bold enough to post your views on the blog. Tell us specifically what you disagree with. A simple “I disagree” makes us think you don’t actually know what you believe.

2) What, are you sniffing glue!

I opened this blog with an invitation for liberals to express their opinions. Funny thing, though, liberals other than a few party hacks in the media almost never express their opinions when they can be openly debated.

Hey, if you love Obama and think he’s right for the country, relax, I’m not trying to silence your opinion. I don’t control the FCC. Obama does. Hmm … Maybe it’s time for you to move on to Media Matters. You should be waking up about the time David Brock likes girls.

I stand corrected on Sarah Palin in the New York congressional race. I didn’t check my facts on the candidates and Newt Gingrich was wrong. Palin endorsed the Right candidate. I still wish she’d dis Oprah.

Several of you commented on your fears that the Administration is vying for absolute control of our daily lives. Well, I have to say that some people really need that, or think they do, at least. Face it, Babu came in loaded up with a bagful of promises and more freebees than Santa Claus. Of course, when it comes down to paying triple heating and cooling bills by 2012, you won’t be able to find five people in a room who voted for the guy.

Someone else asked me how a Christian could justify voting for Obama when he supports abortion including the partial birth procedure. Honey, all I can say is people let their Christianity justify a lot of things. I think it was Paul who said, “… neither be a partaker of another man’s sins.”

Last time I checked murder was still a sin.

Visit the people over at The Right Coast blog. These, as near as I can tell, are a group of lawyers from San Diego State who avoided acid and Girls Gone Wild in college. They’re conservatives. Good article on Alinsky over there, you can find them on my blog roll.

Happy November!

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