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Nightmare in Stilettos

In Palinography on 21/10/2009 at 19:22

Palin in Allentown with Secret Service Detail

Sarah Palin may just be the most maligned American politician since Abraham Lincoln entered the White House in 1861. On this, the bicentennial of his birth, Lincoln’s greatness is acknowledged internationally, but in life the 16th President of the United States was hated at least as much by his detractors as he was loved by his friends.

Before and after the election, political cartoonists portrayed Lincoln as an ape in a Brooks Brothers suit, an ignorant hillbilly, an out-of-control egotist and far worse.

Republican John C. Freemont lambasted him publically, and his former commanding general, George C. McClelland ran against him for president. New York Tribune publisher Horace Greeley, also a Republican, thought Honest Abe was a wimp, and much of the British press hated him. Needless to say he was despised in the South, some even calling him the equivalent to a war criminal.

I don’t suggest for a moment that Sarah Palin is another Lincoln, but the similarities in her treatment by the media and in pop culture are interesting.

In a little over a year Palin has risen from near obscurity in the Lower 48 to become one of the most googled political figures on the planet. David Letterman has a seemingly sadistic sexual obsession with her; Tina Fey does a mean-spirited, albeit physically spot-on impersonation, of her on SNL as a hayseed dolt, and Matt Damon questions her intelligence – Oops! That one doesn’t count—Damon’s IQ can be measured in decimal points. Failed comedian turned George Soros hack Bill Maher has a hatred for her that should keep the Secret Service on high alert if she makes a run for the White House.

Outside the entertainment bubble, mainstream conservative women loved Sarah, until their husbands started buying them Kazuo Kawasaki glasses and asking them to wear their hair in an updo before bed. The progressive inteligencia (now there’s a contrariety if ever I’ve used one) hate her with a passion heretofore reserved for the likes of Adolf Hitler and Rush Limbaugh, and the media smell the chum and go into a feeding frenzy every time she gets a run in her stockings.

All the venomous vitriol is hard to fathom. Before John McCain tapped her for the team, Palin had an 80% approval rating in Alaska, where she was no friend to graft and corruption. Her story there is well known, although the press has certainly tried to rewrite it.

Oh, I don’t think anyone actually believes she’s not at least as smart as Tina Fey and David “Honey I’m Working Late” Letterman. I mean how smart can you be to play hide the cookie with your employees? Put it this way: If I were Rupert Gee, I wouldn’t bend over while the gapped-tooth gagster’s around. SNL also blew it, putting Alec Baldwin up against the 45-year-old Governor. He looked like a bloated old man who’d misplaced his Burgie and wifebeater.

On the bright side—for the Governor, at least—in a recent USA Today/Gallup poll, 72% of Republicans, 44% of Independents, and an astounding 17% of Democrats said they are at least somewhat likely to vote for the former Veep candidate if she runs in 2012. Her autobiography Going Rogue: An American Life has set an all-time record in nonfiction presales, and was number one on Barnes & Nobel just 12 hours after Harper-Collins announced its November 17 release date. The already heated national debate on health care went nuclear when she pointed out that most Americans don’t like the “death panel” idea.

Palin does have the clout to influence public opinion.

Lincoln’s election ignited such vitriol that South Carolina seceded and fired on Fort Sumter practically before the 16th President unpacked his clothes in the White House. The New Left breaks out in night sweats at the thought of Palin getting the GOP nomination in the next cycle. Their rude, anti-feminist, and downright vulgar attacks signal a fear we have not seen in this country since Honest Abe was sworn in.

Democrat strategists are chewing their nails to the nib.

More interesting perhaps are the GOP elitists and their lapdogs, like Peggy Noonan, Mike Murphy, Joe Scarborough, and—well, I know them when I see them—who pooh-pooh the idea that Palin has anything close to a chance in 2012. Did I say, pooh-pooh? They twist their faces like they stepped in something on their way to the power lunch.

Let me be clear. I don’t know if Palin has a chance in the next cycle or not, and I’m not close to supporting anyone. Anyway, that’s too far ahead. What is amazing right now, though, is that, while everyone is trying to forget the embarrassment of McCain, they can’t stop talking about Sarah Palin.

And that signals danger for, Romney, Huckabee, and anyone else with his hat set to run.

I expect Republican leadership to downplay if not outright try to derail Palin’s possibilities in the coming months. GOP chair Michael Steele already snubbed her when he selected Bobby Jindal to rebut Obama’s first address to the joint session of Congress. Bobby Who?

I like Jindal, but Palin was the only possible choice to rebut Babu’s socialist message—the only politician this side of Pluto who can command anything close to his astronomical TV ratings share.

So, wherever you look, Palin causes gas, except in the American heartland. I personally think she is a lightning-quick study and will emerge from her current relative silence to send Romney and Huckabee back to contemplate their navels.

Huckabee’s goofy Christianity Lite message and Romney’s even goofier covert Mormon views and waffling record will scare the bejeebers out of many of their current supporters, when the national media begin to scrutinize them. There are of course other players but I see none who can give either Obama or Clinton a race.

I’m reminded of David Horowitz’s recent statement. He said, and I paraphrase, Republicans have to stop talking like businessmen or accountants and treating this like a management problem. … Palin doesn’t talk like a businessman or woman but there is no question she knows how to do business. She’s young, she’s a lot hipper and smarter than anyone credits her, and she is a formidable force against the Left, whether she runs or not.

Face it. Love her or hate her, Palin is a rock star.

It’s clear to most Americans by now that the media didn’t do their job in vetting Barack Obama, and I believe it is becoming clear to many mainstream Democrats that Hillary should have been their candidate. Obama is determined to drag the country to the Left, kicking and screaming if need be. He is the first president in 40 years to declare all-out warfare on the media. Nixon set off a bomb with his now infamous Enemy’s List that rocked the media for three decades. Now the press is late to the party, but it’s slowly waking up. Obama has orchestrated a blitzkrieg attack on talk radio and Fox News.

He cannot win that fight.

Obama’s pit bull’s, David Axelrod and Rohm Emmanuel, this week went after Fox openly on the Sunday talk shows, and the liberal free-pressers are getting nervous. Even the most ardent liberals in the People’s Republik of Manhattan know that if Obama can silence Glenn Beck, he can silence them, and that scares them right down to their edible skivvies.

Every day now new revelations emerge on the Administration’s true agenda, and most Democrats outside the far Left fringe did not vote for this. One thing I can say for the Clintons is that they have always known how to ramp back when a chilly wind blows their polls south. Obama apparently doesn’t.

Thirty years ago, Ronald Reagan ushered in an era of freedom and prosperity that had his detractors binge drinking. He deregulated the country and made it possible for the everyday folks to make a living: Employment was up, taxes were low, and the Eastern Block crumbled in the wake of his presidency.

Bush-Clinton-Bush dismantled the Reagan Revolution; Republicans became cocky and corrupt, and now the same environment that brought the 40th President into office is back. Obama is Jimmy Carter on steroids.

At the rate the White House and the Democrat-led congress are moving, by the time 2012 rolls around, Americans in the mainstream will greet a true conservative candidate like the Second Coming.

Time is ripe for Palin if she gets her act together and takes it on the road.

For GOP leadership Sarah Palin is a nasty pebble in their shoe. For the Obama Administration and Leftwing Democrats, the Governor may well be a nightmare in stilettos.

  1. Sarah Palin has awakened the sleeping giants…. the soccer moms!
    They’re getting involved in politics, PTA, tea parties, running for office, mobilizing concerned Americans everywhere!

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