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Limbaugh’s Big Deal

In The Way Far Right on 15/10/2009 at 21:44

Years ago the tabloid National Enquirer printed a story about Carol Burnett alleging that the legendary comedienne was seen drunk in a Washington D.C. eatery, arguing with former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger. The story was false and Burnett filed and won a lawsuit against the tabloid.

The case became a sort of catalyst for the rag, and in recent years it has almost achieved legitimacy with the public by getting a few stories right. The Enquirer is still a good toilet paper substitute, but the reporting is sometimes accurate.

One can argue, however, that over the subsequent three decades, the Enquirer and tabloids like it have become obsolete. Now, if I want to know the latest trash on a public figure or celebrity, I need go no further than the New York Times or MSNBC.

When news that Rush Limbaugh had joined a group of investors to buy the St. Louis Rams franchise, political hacks Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson (two racially neutral fellows if I’ve ever known one) stepped to the microphones and put the screws to Roger Goodell, calling on the NFL commissioner to nix any deal that includes Limbaugh. As usual, Goodell fell into lockstep with the Race Nazis, announcing, “The league doesn’t want owners making racially charged statements …”

The fallout: An avalanche of bogus stories from the so-called mainstream media that would make the Enquirer’s founders proud. The always fair-minded, politically correct Chris Matthews jumped in with a diatribe about Rush’s weight, and Rick Shuster and Tamron Hall (I always get him mixed up with Tammany Hall) of MSNBC, Rick Sanchez of CNN, Drew Sharp of the Detroit Free Press, and James “Gimme My Grits” Carville have all repeated blatantly false urban myths, alleging scurrilous racist remarks by the talk icon.

Limbaugh’s comment about Donavan McNabb and NFL pressure to promote black quarterbacks in the league got him canned from ESPN. It was a legitimate, and I believe, accurate opinion. At the time I was not a McNabb fan either. In recent years the NFL and Major League Baseball have been under pressure by minority organizations and media to find and hire black coaches, quarterbacks and pitchers. No doubt both organizations have had racial prejudice in their ranks.

Limbaugh’s McNabb statement, however, was a criticism of the NFL’s willingness to succumb to that pressure at any cost. He has every right to believe that and state it without being branded by these racial hacks.

Yesterday, Limbaugh announced his intention to fight back, stating that his lawyers are taking action to demand retractions and apologies. It is not enough.

His ouster from the deal amounts to potentially millions of dollars in lost revenue and bolsters media-spawned public perception that Rush is a racist. Regardless of his popularity, the damage to his reputation is enormous.

The leftist media in this country are trying to destroy Rush Limbaugh. Rush should sue Roger Goodell, the NFL, and every journalist, network, and newspaper involved in this spurious witch hunt for far more than retractions and apologies; he should sue for damages.


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